The Journey Begins

snow-benchHave you ever kept something inside and mulled about it for a long time, then get the feeling that you just want to tell the first person you see? This is how writers feel at times.  Except that ‘the first person’ we see is the paper and pen or the keyboard, which we have become so familiar communicating with.

As I think back on the days when I first decided to write down Alicia’s story, there was that element of wanting to tell someone about all that had happened. However, it didn’t come out that easy. Every time I tried I would end up quite upset and in tears. It was all too raw. Many times I would mull about how I would lay out the story and even started to write down some thoughts and feelings. Yet, I successfully avoided it week after week, month after month, year after year.

It was around 2011, nine years after her horrific brain injury, that I noticed the feelings were not so raw. And so…the process began.

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