Friday March 14th Book Update…

What an exciting week this has been. To Dance in the Rain arrived at our doorstep just 8 days ago. I could never have anticipated just how this would all feel, even as I thought through the process of promoting the book well before it had made it back from the printer.

We have sold just over 100 books in less than 7 days and we haven’t even made our way into a book  store or as an ebook as of yet. Besides sending out orders, I have been busy making sure that everyone who was part of the our journey and mentioned in the book has received their book.

I have to say that my St. Mary’s family has been exceptionally encouraging to me as I added ‘author’ as my second career. My fellow co-workers seem to be just as excited as I am; they are the best!

I would like to thank Dr. George Lister for the amazing Foreword…Sue Ducharme, my editor… Karrie Ross, our book cover and interior designer…Dr. Kirk Sinclair for a wonderful job line editing and proofreading (check out –…my sister Mary, my business manager, who has taken on the formidable job of keeping me organized. A special thanks also to my family and friends for their relentless support as I focused, reclused, obsessed and expended a lot of mental energy to get this project done.

To my kids who had mentioned once or twice that I had actually abandoned them…. I’m back!   Until the next time….



To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing is available, and may be purchased in the following ways:

Cost of the book is $10.95 plus tax (6.35% ct)

** Website – – has a PayPal shopping cart (which will include shipping)

** Email to order or for instructions : ceitinn13@yahoo.

** Snail mail us: Send check or money order to Ceitinn Press, P.O. Box 1321, Middlebury, CT 06762

** To Dance in the Rain will be available in Proclaim His Name Bookstore at 615 Highland Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708    Call – (203) 573-1773 for store hours

I will let you know when other locations to purchase become available.

There will be a book signing and release party at the Litchfield Community Center on April 30 at 7pm. Stay tunes for other signings and other special events being planned,.

Stay in touch through:  and To Dance in the Rain Facebook page (



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