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It’s about the journey…

IMG_3073_3I had the pleasure of spending Thursday afternoon with the Sinclair family, as they moved forward with preparations to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Kirk Sinclair (the Humanity Hiker) was the amazingly thorough and talented line editor as well as proofreader of To Dance in the Rain; I’m forever grateful!

He and his wife Cindy with their daughter Charissa will set out on the six month trek to hike the PCT on June 18th. The logistics involved with this type of endeavor are staggering. While visiting to discuss the particulars of driving Charissa’s car from Olympia, WA to San Diego in early September, Kirk roped me into a couple of hours of repacking boxed food items for more efficient storage and transport for the journey. What an enjoyable afternoon!

The Sinclair home is filled with love, laughter, joy and hope; every minute is a celebration of life.

Cindy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last fall. This was truly a devastating find, although an answer at long last to her unexplained deterioration over the past several years.

This unprecedented journey will add to Cindy’s current distinction among the ranks of thru-hikers. She was the first woman to successfully thru-hike the continental divide in 1985. She is truly the “expedition woman”, as her family calls her. Having already hiked over 11,000 miles to date, completing the PCT will take that number close to 14K. This is something that she has always wanted to do, and will now become another item to be checked off of her ‘Bucket List’. Carrying out activities of daily living has already become a challenge for Cindy, so this will add to the energy expended by both Kirk and Charissa.

I would encourage all FB friends, on my personal site as well as on the To Dance in the Rain site to keep this courageous family in your thoughts and prayers. This historic trek will also become a means to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research, and invite you to consider donating to the research being done at the University of Maryland. The link to The Exercise for Brain Health Research Fund is

While Kirk, Cindy and Charissa are hiking, it is also possible to send off some treats, baked goods (extra points for chocolate) or even a note of encouragement as they make their way south through Washington State, Oregon and California along the PCT.

I will be posting a schedule of points along the route where a treat for body, mind or spirit may be sent. You can also check out more specifics at

Thank you to all of my friends, and Godspeed to Kirk, Cindy and Charissa!

What a week!!!




This has certainly been a very exciting week !!


Carrie MacMillan did a wonderful feature article in the Accent Women section of the Waterbury Republican on Tuesday May 20th. ‘A Family Bond Unbroken’ which chronicled Alicia’s journey and announced the recent publication of To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing, was beautifully done and we are very grateful to Carrie and the Waterbury Republican for presenting our story.


Alicia and I visited the 8th grade classes at The North Canaan Elementary School on Tuesday the 20th. I presented a class on ‘The Amazing Brain – Why our brain’s are so awesome, and how to keep it that way’. We discussed anatomy, physiology and safety issues as well as the importance of making good decisions in order to keep ourselves healthy. We had a lively Q&A session with the class, Alicia and myself. I believe we all learned a lot during our time together.


To Dance in the Rain initial inventory at Proclaim His Name Bookstore on Highland Ave, Waterbury and Middlebury Consignment on Whittemore Rd. in Middlebury had sold out and each have been resupplied with ample books.


The book will also be available for purchase in the Marion Shop At St. Mary’s Hospital on Franklin St. in Waterbury as of Friday May 23. Special thank you to my wonderful St. Mary’s family!


The ebook version of To Dance in the Rain was published on May 14, 2014!! ( A Happy Birthday present to my Dad : )

It will be available for purchase on:

iBookstore in 1-2 weeks…Amazon Kindle in 2-4 days… Barnes & Noble in 2-4 weeks… Baker & Taylor, eSentral, Kobo and Scibd – 2-3 weeks.


It was also delivered to Goodreads, Copla, Oyster and Flipkart with no current info on exact ‘go live’ date.


We have also gone to a second print and 1,000 more books will be delivered within the next 1-2 weeks.


I am so very grateful to all of you who have been so very supportive through this whole publication process and for joining us on our journey.


Please contact us at or for information on book sales, speaking engagements and signings.













St. Mary’s Hospital Signing and Reception


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