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Debut TV Interview – Sunday August 3rd

Print To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing will be featured in an interview with Stephanie Valickis, Senior Producer at the Office of Radio and Television (ORTV/WJMJ) for the Archdiocese of Hartford. The show will be televised Sunday morning August 3rd  at 10:45 on  ‘Crossroads Magazine’. It can be seen on WCCT-TV which is channel 7, 9 or 11 depending on your cable service.

 ‘Crossroads Magazine’ is a show hosted by Father John Gatzak and Stephanie Valickis and is produced by the Office of Radio and Television. It is a half hour “Good News” magazine-style program. The program focuses on the good things that are going on in CT and the people involved in these stories. It is noted to be “ecumenical in nature but maintains a Catholic perspective.” It has been “enlightening, educating and entertaining” it’s audience for 17 years.”

We are so happy and indeed grateful to ORTV for sharing the story of Alicia’s journey with the Connecticut community. If you are unable to view the show during it’s usual broadcast time you may view it on the ORTV website video stream anytime….