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The 2014 Living Now Book Awards




I am so excited to tell you that To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing has just received a gold medal in The 2014 Living Now Book Awards ! These awards, sponsored by the Independent Publisher, recognize the ‘Year’s Best Books for Better Living’. The contest includes 30 different categories… To Dance in the Rain won the Gold Medal in the Caregiving category.


Today….Let’s Dance!

images (9)   To Dance in the Rain was a phrase that seemed to me, at the time of naming our book, to be one that summed up a state of mind. One that encapsulated a mindset that we quickly needed to adopt. This phrase translated over to a positive way to deal with life, to make the best of any situation, even a bad one.

I believe that most of us are hardwired to ‘Dance’ or at least keep moving our feet. It may even mean placing one in front of the other, day after day when you’re not quite sure how solid the ground you are standing on might be.

We are all faced with times of loss or dramatic change in our lives, and our goal even if unconscious is to make it through those periods balanced and capable of moving on.  We take our inspiration to do this from a variety of sources. One of the most important influences may come from those around us, those whom we love and those who reach out to help. They become angels that surround us, giving us support and with that, the energy to go on. Relationships are built on solid ground when growing under these kinds of conditions. Care, encouragement and love are the mortar that we build them with; friendships that will last are born.

At times we don’t realize how much strength each of us has inside, that can be tapped into. Even if it hasn’t been a well tested source, it can bring us through almost anything. We have more wisdom inside than we will ever realize.

I used to have a fool proof way of accessing that inner strength and wellspring of answers back in the days of school and test taking, a theory that stood the test of time. After reading or listening in class or taking notes, I knew that all of the information I needed was just sitting there waiting to be unearthed. So when test day came along, all I did was try to relax and slow down any anxiety or crammed-in info floating by and just let the answers find there way out.

So in all matters of life, my goal is the same…to relax, to avoid getting anxious and to proceed accordingly. I am happy to report that the theory is good and will work if I allow it to.

Just say no to time spent in unnecessary worry; let’s dance !