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The Most of Christmas Past…

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I know that as we fast approach Christmas Day we all have a gazillion things to do. Shopping to be finished, planning time with family and friends, getting out Christmas cards, getting the house ready for the holidays and so on and so forth. So to add one more thing to make you think about, may be over the top right now, but I’ll give it a go none the less.

Take just a few minutes and sit quietly and dare to reminisce about one really happy memory from years gone by. Even if it’s just a snippit … a day spent with family, going out for a meal with someone special, happy moments spent with the kids on Christmas morning or a wonderful family event where everyone was together. Doesn’t it just bring smiles and a warm feeling inside?

There may be a twinge of sadness if memories involve a loved one who has passed or is no longer in our lives, but with even that we have to recognize the joy of those special moments. Sharing beautiful moments is a gift we give to one another, one that can never be taken away.

Dare to feel the happiness, smile inside and out with the thought of special times and most of all…appreciate every moment we will be spending this year with those we love or even in the observing of others enjoying themselves. It is a time of love, hold onto that moment in your heart!