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It’s time….

IMG_1712This space between writing projects has been a bit uncomfortable for me. I have found myself looking forward with increasing anticipation to getting back into focused creating mode. I know I still have things to do to promote and continue to market and expound on the story of To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing. I’m no longer able to hold back on launching a new project with full focus; a new phase has begun.

As my loyal but inundated friends would only know, the stories have been oozing out here and there, mostly just musings on life as the mood hits, but seeping out none the less. Thanks for listening, and whoa do you guys have a lot of patience! At times it feels as though I am waiting on the platform for the train to arrive; I am pacing with a variety of thoughts spinning through my mind, a busy day ahead. As I visualize sitting once again and writing, a smile makes it’s way to my face, I feel a chill run through me, a passion reignited.

Ideas form on a regular basis; I know what direction I will be going in. My mind has been preparing for it, but it had just not been the time. I have tried to relax with this realization, holding myself back and refocusing my train of thought. At times I wade through what still needs to be done, all the while distracted by the excitement of what lies ahead.

I find encouragement in snippets of quotes and verse suggesting the importance of living in the present moment; I long for inspiration in this regard. The distraction quickly wears off though and my heart sits in anticipation of springing forward into writing mode.

DSCF1359A lot of the dilemma seems to come from the process of self-publishing…getting out there to speak, blog, work on getting into bookstores, sitting down, making lists, waiting, along with listening to my heart as excitement builds just under the surface. Then all of a sudden when the moments to wait have run out…it happens….and it’s time!