When the Mountains Call….

… I Listen!!!IMG_6798

Well there’s nothing like having more than a few days off to get the mental motor running and the train of thought back on track. I am happy to share that my next book is moving quickly past the idea phase. I have feelers out in all kinds of directions, gathering information as well as stories to include in this current project. So onward…

For lack of pretty much anything else to do over the past couple of months, I have gotten back into writing with a new level of passion. The less I have on my mind, it would seem, the more my mind fills with new and exciting ideas, insights and stories. Funny how that works! To be fair though, my perception of exciting is many times oh so slightly different from, ok…everyone else on the planet.

So off I ran again to my hideaway in the mountains; solitude was calling me! Interestingly enough, being entirely alone for me never brings the feeling of loneliness. There is something about being immersed in the excitement of new ideas, the formation of thoughts into stories and listening to the wisdom within as well as that surrounding me in nature that lends to an amazingly rich and exciting experience for me.

IMG_6782While basking in the solitude in the mountains of south western Vermont, I realized how I had gone there to get away from it all, but actually got more deeply in touch with all of it. I have always found this cottage to be a place of retreat. The pleasant surprise comes in the realization that the peace and wisdom gained there keeps getting better and better. Each time easier to jump into, each time taken to a new depth within.

While I love a fair number of individuals on this planet, some of my best days have been ones which have been spent entirely without any interaction with other humans. I find both states of presence equally as enriching.

There were many present moments as I needed to recharge and take my energy levels up past the full line once again. Trust me, I have been down a few quarts in recent times. Stillness has a powerful presence; it filled every corner of the cabin. It seeped into my soul and healed me body, mind and spirit.

We could also talk about the mountains, but they don’t need me explaining them to add to their splendor… they were as always, breathtaking. IMG_6752

I packed up the car once again and brought back more than a little peace and contentment.

Life is good!


( I’ll catch up to you again soon to share about what’s going on with the book)

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