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Giant Steps

So life goes on! Each day an opportunity to move forward, one to meet new as well as ongoing challenges. Alicia’s ultimate goal is to overcome them all as she continues to look for ways to work on her physical limitations.

She would love to have a job to go out to, and with that goal in mind has made her way back to school again this fall. Alicia is also back to physical therapy as her Neurologist has helped to authorize more sessions. She continues to practice walking there as well as at home with the new walker we purchased in May.

It has been many years since Alicia’s diversion from the path of a normal day. As you can imagine her life has been frustrating, upsetting and occasionally downright discouraging, yet Alicia continues to persevere. She is a strong-willed ( I call it stubborn) young woman and we applaud and stand in awe as she continues to make major strides in her life.

We went up to Boston this past weekend and participated in the 2019 Abilities Expo there. I say participated rather than attended, as Alicia made her way to every booth and tried out many of the latest wheelchairs on hand. I saw lots of smiles and heard her say, ” This feels so easy!” or “this is my favorite!” more than a few times. It was a wonderful weekend diverting from the usual routine and taking a road trip for hope.

Alicia climbing the walls at the Expo

We never take a day for granted and are also aware that nothing is promised in life. Part of Alicia’s satisfaction, I believe, comes through the hard work required to simply make it through the day.

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