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I was born in Swindon, England on September 13, 1957 to Irish parents who happened to be visiting in England at the time. We made our way to America in 1959 and settled in Waterbury, Connecticut where my four sisters, one brother and I grew up, in a very typical Irish Catholic household. I was the second oldest of the clan and luckily displayed only minimal effects of middle child syndrome. As with any family, we had our ups and downs, but love was always easy to find and humor was the glue that kept it all together.

After participating in the parochial school educational/discipline program for eight years during grammar school, I thrived with the new found independence of public high school. I attended Crosby High for a year and a bit before transferring to Southbury High School after moving to Middlebury in the fall of 1973. I did well academically and enjoyed participating in a variety of sports. I swam on the YWCA swim team while playing basketball, softball and cross country throughout the high school years. In college, I continued to play basketball and ran cross country.

Although I have always been a bit of a loner, I very much enjoy the company of good friends. Iʼm sure there is a personality scale somewhere that would classify me as a sociable, loner, nerd, jock, scholar type. I spent a lot of my free time alone and could be found sitting on rocks in the woods for hours at a time pondering the meaning of all things.

My career history started out slowly but with a fair amount of diversity. I went from being a unit clerk at the hospital that I interestingly enough still work at, to mowing lawns in the summer for several years during my early college days. I drove a cab and was a phlebotomist during nursing school. I attended 4 different colleges and had 5 majors before settling on nursing as my final career choice. I have been an Emergency Room nurse now for 31 years.

A life-changing decision occurred while  spending a summer as a volunteer on the Sisseton Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota in 1978.  At that point I decided to go into nursing school with the intention of entering the Peace Corp . I was getting in touch with my desire to help my fellow human beings and perhaps even save the world. As is often true, life’s path takes some interesting twists and turns. I haven’t fit saving the world into my schedule just yet; the journey continues!

I was married in 1983, but as life unfortunately doesn’t always go as planned, Paul and I were divorced in 2005. I have three wonderful children, Alicia, Bryan and Cristin as well as an amazing grandson, Liam. We continue to live in Litchfield County where we celebrate life and all of it’s blessings frequently and with enthusiasm.

I have kept journals pretty steadily, and elaborate ones at that, since my high school years. However it has only been within the last five years or so that I started writing in earnest. Short stories and musings on lifeʼs significant moments have made their way to the written word for me on a fairly regular basis. There have been several significant life events that initially triggered this growing passion to write.

To Dance in the Rain is my most recent work and first book. It is a recounting of the story of my daughterʼs path back to the world, following a catastrophic brain injury at the age of sixteen. It is a story of love, hope and courage.


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