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Ok. Let’s call it anticipation.


Patience is one virtue that I have been steadily developing over the years, at times reluctantly and frequently due to lack of any other choice. I’m sure we all know the feeling of being so anxious for something to happen, that the waiting seems almost endless.

It has been almost a year since I plunged head on into writing To Dance in the Rain. Many hours spent writing and many more with thoughts just waiting to jump onto the page. Then came the production phase: editing, cover design, interior design, line editing, proofreading, etc. There were several pauses in the mix too, when life’s ups and downs required due attention.

Well, the completed files arrived yesterday from my book designer. Today they were sent off to the printer. We’re coming down the stretch ! Who said “The Journey is the Destination” anyway?

 ”Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Does anyone want to join me for a walk?   I’m going to hang out with some trees!


Day by Day


Each day comes and goes; weeks fly by. We have all probably said, ” Where has the time gone?” It’s one of those shared experiences of the human race. This realization is almost surely followed, in our mind, by a reminder. Life is precious; enjoy each other as well as each and every moment.

Ok, so it’s monday! Admittedly, for many of us, not our favorite day. The day to get back to the same old routine. Perhaps even the dreaded busiest day of the week. (Oh, so you know what I mean; you may also work in an ER! ) While there’s truth in all of that, there is also a chance to embrace the fact that we made it to a new day. It’s also probably not too hard to find something to be grateful for, maybe even something to smile about : )

I am anticipating some news this week on when we will be getting To Dance in the Rainoff to print. I will keep you informed.

I’d also like to take your Monday up a notch. I’ll give a signed copy of the book to the 10th person to sign up for our mailing list each and every monday. So, sign up today and not only stay informed of the latest book news, but get your signed copy.

I will contact you by email if you are the winner of the day. (Mom, you don’t need to do this; I am probably going to give you one anyway) To all others: Don’t take the chance : )

As always…. feel free to leave a comment!

Writing in Paradise

As some of you may know, I retreated to a beautiful cottage in the mountains of southwestern vermont, multiple times this past year, to write To Dance in the Rain. I share my hideaway with you…




I Walked a Mile

sky-mountainsWe can all get so caught up in life. Many times, it comes at us fast, at others we cruise along in a comfortable place. I have found that there are lessons to be learned in all if it, the good as well as the bad. I have found that many times  I have learned the most about myself and life when things were at the low points: moments of pain or suffering or sadness.

I walked a mile with pleasure,
She chatted all the way,
But left me none the wiser,
With all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow,
And not a word said she.
But oh! the things I learned from her,
When sorrow walked with me.

There is nothing like having your child in an Intensive Care Unit to get you in touch with your spiritual program! Not like you are sitting around self-actualizing at that point, but many lessons are learned on those days when you have no choice other than to put one foot in front of the other. The human spirit, I believe, continues to find hope and love wherever it can; something inside calls us to continue moving forward.

Do you have a story to share about how you have been able to deal with a certain situation just by accepting it and continuing on?

Excerpts from the Foreword

Dr. George Lister was the director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Yale New Haven’s Children’s Hospital during Alicia’s stay there. We met for the first time on the night of February 15th 2002. As you read To Dance in the Rain you will feel some of the pain and sadness that we experienced on that night. My family and I felt as though our world was crumbling around us, but we were not alone.  We were fortunate to have a lot of support, not only from family and friends but also through the care and thoughtfulness of the staff at Yale NH Children’s Hospital. Dr. Lister was the PICU attending physician on that night. He provided extraordinary comfort to us through his thoughtfulness, professionalism, compassion and medical expertise. We felt as though we were in the best of hands at all times, being cared for by Dr. Lister and his entire PICU staff.

I am thrilled that Dr. Lister has written the Foreword for To Dance in the Rain. These are a few sections to give you an inside glimpse ….


 “I was initially sent a copy of the manuscript To Dance in the Rain as a courtesy when the author, Clare Keating, asked permission to include my name. I was delighted to receive this book because I had an unremitting desire to learn what has happened in the life of Clare’s daughter, Alicia, for whom I helped provide medical care just before I left Yale ten years ago. I never had the pleasure of meeting Alicia when she was a vibrant teenager before the tragic and heroic events described here. As I read, I rapidly recognized the power of this heartwarming, gripping and dramatic odyssey that portrayed Alicia’s precipitous deterioration after surgery and her gradual and arduous ascent towards recovery. This epic, which recounts the patience and determination emblematic of the immutable bond between mother and daughter, would keep anyone firmly riveted to the book. That alone would have been enough to make this story captivating and compelling. But, this is also a text richly embedded with layers of important messages for the countless families who have faced life-threatening illnesses and injuries in their children and for the community of individuals assembled to provide medical care for these patients. To be sure, the reflections provided here are highly relevant to all of us because we will inevitably confront the loss or near loss of a loved one”……..

“Indeed, as Clare articulates throughout the book and reinforces so clearly in the Epilogue, that life has been forever transformed by the events Alicia and her family faced, but every bit as much by  the community that surrounded them and brought “untold amounts of joy, comfort and happiness.”……..

“In short, this is a story of one courageous and indefatigable young lady and her equally intrepid mother and family. This heroic chronicle is rich with refreshing insights that will resonate not only with those who have had a critically ill child but with all who confront catastrophic or seemingly insurmountable afflictions. The inspirational messages conveyed here should be stored for safe keeping as a source of courage when one does face tragedy and life’s other formidable challenges.”

George Lister


George Lister MD is the Chair, Department of Pediatrics,

Jean McLean Wallace Professor of Pediatrics,

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology – Yale School of Medicine

Physician-in-Chief, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital


Photo by Kirk Sinclair – The Hiking Humanitarian

Photo by Kirk Sinclair – The Hiking Humanitarian

The sun peaks its head above the horizon at the dawn of this new year. We find ourselves reminiscing, focusing on one event or another that has touched our lives in this year gone by. While doing this we feel the budding of a new hope within.

We pause on memories, some happy some sad; all full of emotion. We look ahead with hope and with faith in the possibilities that only a clear slate is capable of stirring.

Have you ever heard of a negative New Year’s resolution? I would venture to say, no.

Hearts look forward in anticipation; dreams once again renewed, hopes ignited.

It was within the first few days of 2013 that I resolved in earnest to write my first book, the one whose ideas, thoughts and feelings I had been holding in queue just under the surface for more than a few years. Ideas that held the excitement of one day finding expression.

Each new year brings with it a new resolve to make changes that need to be made, either for our betterment or for the ones we love. Many are challenges for ourselves to move forward, a commitment to conquer a nagging problem, a mental river that calls to be forded or an idea that longs to find expression in action.

I wish you all the joy and peace found in answering that call within to forge a new path in this new year.