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Are You Kidding Me?


  A year, an entire year has roared by without a word shared in this forum. Unconscionable really, was my first thought as I realized how long it has been since I dove into this passion of mine. Life is without a doubt moving quickly, but life it is, and every single minute of it is one to be reveled in.

The thought also crossed of how a stories or ideas desperate to be shared have been slowly building, anxiously waiting their moment of expression. As I sit here typing this I am wholeheartedly looking forward to getting back on the literary track. I am in the middle of writing my second book and have two others in mental queue waiting to be dealt with.

I find such joy in rummaging through the repository of thoughts, feelings and ideas that are waiting just under the surface. At odd times I feel drawn to put down what I am doing and take the time to head for the closest pad of paper. Unfortunately, or maybe not, I have a life that is full and fast moving in so many ways. So much to do, yet never enough time it would seem. My first reaction is one of frustration, but then I am aware that there is a time for all things.

I am in the middle of writing my second book and have two others in mental queue waiting to be dealt with. I look very much look forward to progressing along with each of these projects.

What are you passionate about?


It’s Probably Time

I have once again gotten the itch to jot down more than a few thoughts. I’ve also found myself musing over and over on familiar topics. In addition, have caught myself more than a few times imagining myself making my way to a quiet place to sort through my thoughts and ideas. It’s official folks, the writing bug is back!!

So, what to do? Carry on as if it’s business as usual? Continue to fight the urge that is almost screaming inside at this point? Nah, I think not.

I’m excited to say that I’ve booked 5 days at my retreat in the mountains; my best hope to get back on track.

I’ll be working on my next book…”A Year as a Gift”

If you still haven’t read my first, it is available in a variety of venues!

To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing is available in 6 bookstores.

The Hickory Stick Bookshop  – 2 Green Hill Rd. Washington, CT  860-868-0525

Middlebury Consignment – 1365 Whittemore Rd. Middlebury, CT 06762

The Marion Shop at St. Mary’s Hospital – 56 Franklin St. Waterbury, CT

Mercy Center Gift Shop in Madison CT

Proclaim His Name Bookstore – 615 Highland Ave. Waterbury CT 203-573-1773

The Northshire Bookstore – 4869 Mani St. Manchester Center, VT.

To Dance in the Rain is also available for online purchase through Kindle, Nook, ibookstore, Goodreads, Kobo, Scribd, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor, Flipkart, Copla, Gardiners, eSentral and Ciando. The book is very reasonably priced for ebook purchase.

It can also be purchased directly by calling Ceitinn Press directly at 860-417-9041.

I would again like to remind you that there is a 20% discount on the purchase of To Dance in the Rain for bookclubs and on multiple orders!

I am so very grateful to everyone who has joined us on our journey, as you have read To Dance in the Rain.

When the Mountains Call….

… I Listen!!!IMG_6798

Well there’s nothing like having more than a few days off to get the mental motor running and the train of thought back on track. I am happy to share that my next book is moving quickly past the idea phase. I have feelers out in all kinds of directions, gathering information as well as stories to include in this current project. So onward…

For lack of pretty much anything else to do over the past couple of months, I have gotten back into writing with a new level of passion. The less I have on my mind, it would seem, the more my mind fills with new and exciting ideas, insights and stories. Funny how that works! To be fair though, my perception of exciting is many times oh so slightly different from, ok…everyone else on the planet.

So off I ran again to my hideaway in the mountains; solitude was calling me! Interestingly enough, being entirely alone for me never brings the feeling of loneliness. There is something about being immersed in the excitement of new ideas, the formation of thoughts into stories and listening to the wisdom within as well as that surrounding me in nature that lends to an amazingly rich and exciting experience for me.

IMG_6782While basking in the solitude in the mountains of south western Vermont, I realized how I had gone there to get away from it all, but actually got more deeply in touch with all of it. I have always found this cottage to be a place of retreat. The pleasant surprise comes in the realization that the peace and wisdom gained there keeps getting better and better. Each time easier to jump into, each time taken to a new depth within.

While I love a fair number of individuals on this planet, some of my best days have been ones which have been spent entirely without any interaction with other humans. I find both states of presence equally as enriching.

There were many present moments as I needed to recharge and take my energy levels up past the full line once again. Trust me, I have been down a few quarts in recent times. Stillness has a powerful presence; it filled every corner of the cabin. It seeped into my soul and healed me body, mind and spirit.

We could also talk about the mountains, but they don’t need me explaining them to add to their splendor… they were as always, breathtaking. IMG_6752

I packed up the car once again and brought back more than a little peace and contentment.

Life is good!


( I’ll catch up to you again soon to share about what’s going on with the book)

You Go Girl!!

Well,  the years have moved along slowly for Alicia and have been quite frustrating at times, I might add. You can’t help but feel for the girl at times, as she can only imagine where she might be or what she might be doing at this point in her life had she not had a brain injury at the age of sixteen.

To be honest with you, I at times try to put thoughts of the past including all the sadness out of my mind; they are still quite painful. I can not even imagine how discouraged and tortured Alicia has been by these thoughts.

Many of those close to her are called to carry out their lives; daily concerns and ideas fill our minds. Alicia, though, wakes up each morning with a day ahead that is just not quite what she had hoped it could be. She can’t do many of the things that we can do on a whim, like head out in the car, visit a family member or a friend, go shopping or just do something spontaneous by herself. That is the type of soul that she has inside that body with it’s limitations…one that called to live life to the full.

There have been a variety of obstacles along the way that have contributed to diverting from the road to conquer new goals. Ones which would have helped her to move forward toward a life filled with more of her dreams being met rather than not. They are all water under the bridge at this point. A bridge that she poises herself beside, longing to jump into the water and take the ride of her live.

Alicia has patience about her that I have never seen before; you can see and feel a special kind of acceptance when you are with Alicia. Some of it might be quiet resignation, keeping her feelings close to her heart rather than on her sleeve is also part of her charm.

At times I see a rekindling of hopefulness in Alicia; call it determination, maybe even defiance. It comes in waves, and we are currently riding a big one. This past year Alicia verbalized her dream to walk again and she has been working on doing just that slowly but consistently.

This past weekend we tried something that we hadn’t in a while. Alicia has two walkers, one is a heavy duty one and there isn’t much you can do to lose balance with that one. This is the one we aim at when ‘safety first’ is the feel of the day. But for those days when living on the edge is where we want to be, we take out the garden variety ‘old people walker’, one that offers nothing but a bit of support as you move yourself along. If you are going down, this one has little to offer as far as stability. ( She’s accumulated 14 stitches to the head and a few Cat Scans using this one)

Anyway, Alicia has been walking with the ‘old people’ walker again within the last week. I have also noticed a bit more equilibrium and solid stance lately when we have been walking short distances with her arm over my shoulder. She seconded this new feeling of stability.IMG_6474

So we tried it, and …. guess what?!

Yeah, she did it!  Alicia has been walking with more focus to detail with each step and it’s working. She has just taken a giant step toward her goal of walking again.

I think she’s got this!!




Write back to Vt.

Back to the mountains I went this past week and relaxation was all that was on the IMG_5948schedule for each day, every day. I also had an opportunity to put a fair amount of time into penning my next book, which is coming along very well, thank you for asking.

Since last report I have also added a few writing projects to my ‘To Do List’. It may be a little early to go into detail on them, but I can assure you that they will be entertaining reads when all is said and done.

Each time I return from my hide away in Vermont I have discovered a little more about life and what is important. Invariably the simplicity of it speaks to me and the knowledge of less equals more becomes more obvious and brings a renewed sense of peace. Quieting down inside is something I always enjoy doing. It provides that much needed balance to IMG_5869offset some of the hectic pace that I deal with an any given day here at home. My life maintains a comfortable balance along the spectrum between a busy career as an ED nurse and a recluse in a mountain hideaway.

To Dance in the Rain, A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing has been selling steadily in the past few months, mostly through the ebook venue. I am working on selling and signing events at a couple of holiday bazaars this year and will keep you updated. Books will be offered at 40% off (bookseller/wholesale rate) starting November 1st on the website, to book clubs and at holiday events. Alicia and I also enjoy speaking to any size group.

Alicia is doing quite well, moving ahead with her goal of walking again; she is working out and becoming more determined (or impatient) each day. She has also been applying to a steady stream of jobs lately in the social services field…fingers crossed!

No News is Good News…


ToDance_CVR_3D-300… Unless of course your goal is to keep people updated with the goings on after a book publication. Well, you know how we artsy types are. Let’s see, a little scattered? a tad flighty? somewhat distracted? … no, let’s just call it focused, why don’t we.   This thing we call life can certainly keep you busy,right?!?

Have to say though, that most of what is going on is good and positive…exciting projects, positive strides and enjoyment of life fill our days. Living the dream, she said non-sarcastically.

In regard to the book, To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing, sales are moving along steadily on a post publication year plateau. The book continues to be available in 6 bookstores, 5 in CT and one in VT. I could definitely get a little more on the stick with continuing to promote the book, I admit, but once again refer you back to line two of paragraph one.

Available in :

The Hickory Stick Bookshop  – 2 Green Hill Rd. Washington, CT  860-868-0525

Middlebury Consignment – 1365 Whittemore Rd. Middlebury, CT 06762

The Marion Shop at St. Mary’s Hospital – 56 Franklin St. Waterbury, CT

Mercy Center Gift Shop in Madison CT

Proclaim His Name Bookstore – 615 Highland Ave. Waterbury CT 203-573-1773

The Northshire Bookstore in Manchester VT,

Alicia was the focus of a GoFundMe effort some months back. With the monies raised we have purchased a porch full of equipment designed for strength building and more specifically balance training exercise. There is enough remaining in the fund for us to use for a PT evaluation and further recommendations.

Alicia is at this point working out 3-4 times a week. She remains determined and diligently so, to be more mobile. (and please don’t ask how driving lessons are going) She is working hard and I believe her mood is elevated not only by the physical activity but the dreams that hope brings alive. She has recently stepped the pace up and applied for multiple jobs. She had for a couple of years been hanging low in her search for employment opportunities.

images (9)Alicia has a degree in rehabilitation services, which puts her in a good place to pursue an entry level social services position. Her being wheelchair bound has diminished some of her job possibilities, though, as more than a few places that she had applied to have not been wheelchair accessible.

We would appreciate any of you keeping and eye open for us in this regard. No reasonable offers would go unconsidered. Alicia may not be able to walk, but this girl can dance : )

Please don’t forget To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing as you prepare gift lists for Christmas, birthdays etc. Inspiration has no expiration date.



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