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Are You Kidding Me?


  A year, an entire year has roared by without a word shared in this forum. Unconscionable really, was my first thought as I realized how long it has been since I dove into this passion of mine. Life is without a doubt moving quickly, but life it is, and every single minute of it is one to be reveled in.

The thought also crossed of how a stories or ideas desperate to be shared have been slowly building, anxiously waiting their moment of expression. As I sit here typing this I am wholeheartedly looking forward to getting back on the literary track. I am in the middle of writing my second book and have two others in mental queue waiting to be dealt with.

I find such joy in rummaging through the repository of thoughts, feelings and ideas that are waiting just under the surface. At odd times I feel drawn to put down what I am doing and take the time to head for the closest pad of paper. Unfortunately, or maybe not, I have a life that is full and fast moving in so many ways. So much to do, yet never enough time it would seem. My first reaction is one of frustration, but then I am aware that there is a time for all things.

I am in the middle of writing my second book and have two others in mental queue waiting to be dealt with. I look very much look forward to progressing along with each of these projects.

What are you passionate about?


Write back to Vt.

Back to the mountains I went this past week and relaxation was all that was on the IMG_5948schedule for each day, every day. I also had an opportunity to put a fair amount of time into penning my next book, which is coming along very well, thank you for asking.

Since last report I have also added a few writing projects to my ‘To Do List’. It may be a little early to go into detail on them, but I can assure you that they will be entertaining reads when all is said and done.

Each time I return from my hide away in Vermont I have discovered a little more about life and what is important. Invariably the simplicity of it speaks to me and the knowledge of less equals more becomes more obvious and brings a renewed sense of peace. Quieting down inside is something I always enjoy doing. It provides that much needed balance to IMG_5869offset some of the hectic pace that I deal with an any given day here at home. My life maintains a comfortable balance along the spectrum between a busy career as an ED nurse and a recluse in a mountain hideaway.

To Dance in the Rain, A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing has been selling steadily in the past few months, mostly through the ebook venue. I am working on selling and signing events at a couple of holiday bazaars this year and will keep you updated. Books will be offered at 40% off (bookseller/wholesale rate) starting November 1st on the website, to book clubs and at holiday events. Alicia and I also enjoy speaking to any size group.

Alicia is doing quite well, moving ahead with her goal of walking again; she is working out and becoming more determined (or impatient) each day. She has also been applying to a steady stream of jobs lately in the social services field…fingers crossed!

New Shelf Life…



Ok, so you just can’t sit around all day writing, listening to icicles fall off the roof and be productive right?  Exactly!

So off I went on an excursion. I used to call them perspective rides, but since I’ve been up to my ears in perspective for the last 2 days, I’ll just call it a driving till something really cool happens ride.



Making my way now down one winding picturesque road after another, I play ‘crossroads roulette’ and end up in Manchester, VT. I am so centered at this point in my weekend (thank you Eckhart Tolle) I have no needs, wants or desires. Incidentally driving takes on a whole new meaning when you couldn’t care less where you end up or when you do; can’t think of a thing I need in the world. (albiet, a little companionship, but lets face it, I’m in the middle of nowhere; I asked for it!)


Northshire BookstoreSo, as I make my way into this very quaint New Englandy town, I spot the Northshire Bookstore. I have passed by this countless times in the past. I pass through two rotaries, each within about 25 feet of the other and apparently that triggered the wheels to start turning on the inside too. I always carry my books, To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing with me, so I decided to go in and talk to the store’s book purchaser. Eric was a very nice gentleman. He stated, btw, that this is one of the best quality self-published books that he has seen. (Thank you, Carrie Ross).

Inside Northshire

Well to make a short story shorter, The Northshire Bookstore in Manchester VT, which is an absolutely awesome bookstore now carries To Dance in the Rain. How cool is that !

Life is Good!!


hey, while you are at it, check out my blog posts from the rest of this week…  : ))

The Most of Christmas Past…

a-christmas-memory-quotes (1)

I know that as we fast approach Christmas Day we all have a gazillion things to do. Shopping to be finished, planning time with family and friends, getting out Christmas cards, getting the house ready for the holidays and so on and so forth. So to add one more thing to make you think about, may be over the top right now, but I’ll give it a go none the less.

Take just a few minutes and sit quietly and dare to reminisce about one really happy memory from years gone by. Even if it’s just a snippit … a day spent with family, going out for a meal with someone special, happy moments spent with the kids on Christmas morning or a wonderful family event where everyone was together. Doesn’t it just bring smiles and a warm feeling inside?

There may be a twinge of sadness if memories involve a loved one who has passed or is no longer in our lives, but with even that we have to recognize the joy of those special moments. Sharing beautiful moments is a gift we give to one another, one that can never be taken away.

Dare to feel the happiness, smile inside and out with the thought of special times and most of all…appreciate every moment we will be spending this year with those we love or even in the observing of others enjoying themselves. It is a time of love, hold onto that moment in your heart!

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays…


Just hearing these words can conjure up the most pleasant array of images….sights, sounds and even aromas. Most of us can instantly picture the warmest memories of holidays gone by. In a matter of seconds we seem to be transported back to a different time and place, familiar yet so far back in our recollection, that there are only flashes of the scenes that have now settled into the coziest corners of our minds. When we pause to entertain these fond memories, the feeling of warmth radiates through us. Someone looking in our direction may even notice that a smile has gently taken over our expression.Wouldn’t it be great to get caught in this place, even for just a little while. Long enough to relive the feelings that we remember so fondly of that timeless love, joy and happiness.

I catch myself musing in that place. At first, enjoying the journey revisited and then inevitably slide back to the here and now. I push away the feeling of disappointment as I become aware of reality again. I realize that as much as I would like them to be, those moments are gone and will never be the same. 

For many of us, what we picture as that warm holiday feeling has changed dramatically. Perhaps we have lost a loved one, or had dramatic changes in our life circumstances, such as divorce or separation from those that we love. Naturally, some of us now redefine our lives by these losses and find it hard to look past them to the new memories that could possibly be made in the here and now.

The human spirit at it’s best, continues to try and find hope and love wherever it can. So many of us share one form of sadness or another at this time of year. Fortunately, many people are gradually able to look outside themselves and their grief and share part of their broken hearts with others.

Coming Home For The Holidays for some becomes the not so easy, yet doable work of meshing cherished sights and sounds with the new. Look around…there are bound to be a few friends or family members who are dealing with sadness and loss during this season that is not as joyful as it looks. They could certainly use a few encouraging words and maybe even a hug.  

How do you blend love and loss and hope during this holiday season ?

Hope springs eternal; love lives forever!

Journey of Hope and Healing…

GivingIt is during November, the Thanksgiving month, that many of us become aware in a special way of all that we have to be thankful for. It is within this state of gratitude that we recall how our lives have been transformed by the love, generosity and hope given to us by others in our life.

Many of us are called to ‘give back’ when faced with this realization. Let’s face it, love is something that is not that hard to give away. As anyone who knows, who has given of themselves to another, you most times get back more than you give. We all touch each other’s lives daily and in a variety of ways. Each interaction becomes a means of passing on care, concern and hope.

In 2002 when my family was faced with quite a dose of adversity, our lives were also touched by the love, support and generosity of others on a daily basis. To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing is full of instances when countless individuals and groups showed what it means to take care of one another. This is the message that many of us have learned within the faiths in which we worship, but is also, I believe, a natural human calling – to love and care for one another.

Scan 5

I have recently become involved in an extraordinary organization that brings care, love and hope to countless individuals internationally as well as here in the US. ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE is the 1st Humanitarian Special Operations group/AIR LAND SEA – Expeditionary Mission Team (AA-1st HSOG/ALS-EMT) that is dedicated to serving men, women and children living in conditions of extreme poverty and situations of disaster, social injustice and oppression through its four-pillared approach of Rescue, Sustain, Train and Liberate. I encourage you to take a look at the vital work that Archangel Airborne has done and is dedicated to continue in the future.

I will have the privilege of joining ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE on its 14th Mission Team Deployment as we travel to Haiti next week. Our team will be utilizing two mission aircraft and land vehicles to provide medical care and training in several locations on the island, working in clinic settings in destitute and remote areas in the south as well as more populated yet equally as poverty stricken ones in the north serving upwards of 2,000 people. We will also be involved in the distribution of water filtration systems. These simple yet effective bucket/filtration systems will assist many with a means to provide disease free water for their families. There are thousands of families in Haiti who still have no access to clean water on a daily basis. The official motto of the team is “In Servitium Ad Omnes” – In Service to All.

As a nurse I am very excited to be able to use my medical skills to touch lives there. I also expect to be transformed by each individual I have contact with on this mission. I believe that within each human interaction we give as well as receive.

This past weekend members of the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE team met in Eastern PA for a comprehensive briefing and orientation to the mission. We also took part in orientation to flight operations at the briefing and will continue to receive training and briefings on team skills and crew responsibilities in order to enhance safety and successful mission outcomes.

.IMG_1515Most of us who had only previously had contact during conference calls on our Saturday morning briefings over the last month and a half, finally got to meet some of the other members of the team. What a pleasure it was to finally meet; new friendships rapidly formed. We are all looking forward to meeting again in Haiti next week in order to carry out our mission. There will be 11 team members on this mission.


I was introduced to this organization/mission through my boss, Stuart D. Hirsch, who is the Director of Operations for the Department of Emergency Services at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury. He is the founder, president and CEO of ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE as well as the Chief Mission Officer in Command for all deployments. He created this 1st Humanitarian Special Operations Group in 2010 following the devastating Earthquake in Haiti after over a decade of planning and infrastructure building. He has been an professional aviator and instructor pilot for many years and an has an extensive background in EMS, involved in emergency and disaster response as a firefighter and water rescue scuba diver, as well as serving as an airborne rescue and helicopter medevac operations specialist.

IMG_1551He has also worked extensively in the area of Emergency Services as a consultant nationally and at the director level, using strategic and tactical approaches to transform teams and ensure higher performance and successful mission completion. He has brought all of his passions together within his organization, making it a smooth running, efficiently structured and highly effective, tactical means of providing care, compassion, hope and support to thousands around the world in the last four years. I am grateful and excited to be involved with ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE.

I would ask you all to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we head south in the upcoming days. I also encourage anyone who would like to contribute to this worthy cause to do so on the ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE site.

Your financial support would be greatly appreciated; 100% of all donations go directly to mission operations.

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