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Today….Let’s Dance!

images (9)   To Dance in the Rain was a phrase that seemed to me, at the time of naming our book, to be one that summed up a state of mind. One that encapsulated a mindset that we quickly needed to adopt. This phrase translated over to a positive way to deal with life, to make the best of any situation, even a bad one.

I believe that most of us are hardwired to ‘Dance’ or at least keep moving our feet. It may even mean placing one in front of the other, day after day when you’re not quite sure how solid the ground you are standing on might be.

We are all faced with times of loss or dramatic change in our lives, and our goal even if unconscious is to make it through those periods balanced and capable of moving on.  We take our inspiration to do this from a variety of sources. One of the most important influences may come from those around us, those whom we love and those who reach out to help. They become angels that surround us, giving us support and with that, the energy to go on. Relationships are built on solid ground when growing under these kinds of conditions. Care, encouragement and love are the mortar that we build them with; friendships that will last are born.

At times we don’t realize how much strength each of us has inside, that can be tapped into. Even if it hasn’t been a well tested source, it can bring us through almost anything. We have more wisdom inside than we will ever realize.

I used to have a fool proof way of accessing that inner strength and wellspring of answers back in the days of school and test taking, a theory that stood the test of time. After reading or listening in class or taking notes, I knew that all of the information I needed was just sitting there waiting to be unearthed. So when test day came along, all I did was try to relax and slow down any anxiety or crammed-in info floating by and just let the answers find there way out.

So in all matters of life, my goal is the same…to relax, to avoid getting anxious and to proceed accordingly. I am happy to report that the theory is good and will work if I allow it to.

Just say no to time spent in unnecessary worry; let’s dance !

Sunday’s Special

Sunday has always been a special day in our house. Growing up it was a family day, one that always started with going to mass followed by a special meal. My dad always cooked on Sunday, full apron on and singing as he whipped up a wonderful steak dinner with mashed spuds, turnip (seriously never liked them) green beans and mouthwatering steak with home made gravy.

steak dinner 2

This was always a relaxing family day and many Sundays after our midday dinner we would go and visit family friends, celebrating all that was going on in our lives and taking a whole day to just BE.

I’d like to incorporate a Sunday’s Special to the website too. Any purchase of To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing made on any Sunday, will be discounted 20%. I know, it’s only 20% but it’s better than 0% and if you’re going to buy it anyway, you may as well do it on sunday and join us in making it just a little more special : )

Also, many people have been asking about how to purchase the book.

* The easiest way may be the website for many. Just click on the book in the right sidebar and it will take you to the shopping cart.

* On Sunday though, you can send me your email address to our email – and I’ll send you a paypal invoice with the 20% discount.

* As of yesterday To Dance in the Rain is also available at Proclaim His Name Bookstore at 615 Highland Ave in Waterbury. Please call for store hours though … (203) 573-1773

I would love to hear about your special Sunday memories of years gone by too….


Have a great Sunday! Did you notice the ‘double entendre/contractions can be fun thing’ going on in the title? No?! ok, fine…have a nice day anyway : )

It’s all good!!


Ground zero – Connecticut…

The palate full of books was left right outside the downstairs door, and as the truck pulled away the wrapping was quickly torn away. One by one the boxes made their way inside.  The first move was just inside the door, the next up the two flights of stairs to the place that they would be staying as they await their journeys towards awaiting readers.

I consciously didn’t think about what was inside each one until I had carried the 15 cartons up to my safe, warm and cozy resting spot. I stacked the boxes up against the wall far away from any possible exposure to heat or humidity. Now in their final destination of the day I would glance at them entertaining the visualization of what was inside. Boxes stacked and surrounded by all manner of mailing paraphernalia brought a smirk first then a sigh followed by a victorious smile.

Making sure, just one more time, that they were all stacked nicely, I made one quick trip downstairs to double check that I had all of the paperwork. I brought it all up and closed the door to the room. I stood for at least a minute or two just looking at what laid there in front of me.

There had been such excitement and anticipation of this day, building each day as the actual delivery approached. Any delay would just magnify the need for me to remind myself to relax.

Ok, so they are here, are you relaxed now, breathing a sigh of relief? No, not so much. The waiting had built to a fever-pitched excitement, which blended with at least a twinge of anxiety. A mountain of work behind us and another one that had just come into sight.  We had to get past the first one to clearly see the next.

Wow, 700 looks like more than I could imagine, or maybe it looks like less, I’m not sure. The thought presents that I probably have more productive things to think about than to be scrutinizing the amount of space that 700 books should occupy. Always a detail to focus on and in fact analyze to the state of minutia. Seriously?!?

I had been planning this moment for weeks, make that months.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which train of thought to go with to arrive at making a productive move, now that they were sitting in from of me. So what would you do at such a time??

Exactly…I just sat there and turned on some music and cleared my mind of all things big and small, related or not. I breathed in, I breathed out, and finally made it to that space between a thought, and then another and another. Ok, that’s better…. It hits me, yet once again, that inside of my head, at least…less is better.

All the cares, concerns, worries and need to organize will be addressed, but for right now I would bask in the rays of peacefulness, joy and contentment.

I then emerged from the peaceful solitude of my mind to reality as it was. Much to be done, but this time not with a revved up over-excitement or anxiety, but with a quiet inside, you know, the one that reminds you of the important stuff and gently whispers…”it’s all good!”

Just another month….


life unfolding


In this past month all of our lives have been transformed in so many ways; our hearts touched, changed by love, sadness and loss, kindness, desire, compassion, joy and anticipation, to name a few. We have shared many of these life-changing and tender moments with one another.

We all pause on memories of the past, our minds dream of the future, as we stand here in the present with one another.

This and every month, week, day, hour and minute is significant. They will make us who we are, what we will become. Enjoy each one; make it the best or as wonderful as you can. Let’s make it that for one another too!


Book News:

I have a brief note on the progress of the book. The final proofs from the printer (right, not the proofs from the designer… this is quite the process!) were sent to me and given the go ahead yesterday. So the printing is happening. Also have sent off several manuscripts for review to the big gun reviewers. So we wait in anticipation of the upcoming excitement with the arrival of the book. (while living in the present moment , of course : )


Ok. Let’s call it anticipation.


Patience is one virtue that I have been steadily developing over the years, at times reluctantly and frequently due to lack of any other choice. I’m sure we all know the feeling of being so anxious for something to happen, that the waiting seems almost endless.

It has been almost a year since I plunged head on into writing To Dance in the Rain. Many hours spent writing and many more with thoughts just waiting to jump onto the page. Then came the production phase: editing, cover design, interior design, line editing, proofreading, etc. There were several pauses in the mix too, when life’s ups and downs required due attention.

Well, the completed files arrived yesterday from my book designer. Today they were sent off to the printer. We’re coming down the stretch ! Who said “The Journey is the Destination” anyway?

 ”Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Does anyone want to join me for a walk?   I’m going to hang out with some trees!


Day by Day


Each day comes and goes; weeks fly by. We have all probably said, ” Where has the time gone?” It’s one of those shared experiences of the human race. This realization is almost surely followed, in our mind, by a reminder. Life is precious; enjoy each other as well as each and every moment.

Ok, so it’s monday! Admittedly, for many of us, not our favorite day. The day to get back to the same old routine. Perhaps even the dreaded busiest day of the week. (Oh, so you know what I mean; you may also work in an ER! ) While there’s truth in all of that, there is also a chance to embrace the fact that we made it to a new day. It’s also probably not too hard to find something to be grateful for, maybe even something to smile about : )

I am anticipating some news this week on when we will be getting To Dance in the Rainoff to print. I will keep you informed.

I’d also like to take your Monday up a notch. I’ll give a signed copy of the book to the 10th person to sign up for our mailing list each and every monday. So, sign up today and not only stay informed of the latest book news, but get your signed copy.

I will contact you by email if you are the winner of the day. (Mom, you don’t need to do this; I am probably going to give you one anyway) To all others: Don’t take the chance : )

As always…. feel free to leave a comment!