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It was just 3 day ago that I returned from my hideaway in the mountains in Vermont. It feels like ages ago, though my heart is still there. I went back to the cabin in the woods nestled into the side of a mountain in West Rupert. This is where I wrote To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing. Love is a strong word, one I reserve only for nouns (person’s, places and things) that sit very close to my heart. I love this place!

This trip was reserved for a little R&R and to get organized with my next move on the literary world. I made my way there with so many thoughts, feelings and possibilities. More than a few ideas to rummage through, muse upon and make decisions about. So many stories, so little time! I was able to organize most of what was going on in the mental realm and put together a plan on how to approach my next undertaking. I also reignited the embers of a few other projects.

Oh look at this…cool ha?!


As any of you who write know, and for those of you who don’t, I have an inside scoop for you. We writing types rummage through the mental debris more than most I’d say, always searching for the words to express an idea in just the right way, so that it can be understood with the same intensity that we feel it.

While foraging around up there we meet up with notions that we weren’t actually looking for and never would have anticipated finding. I came face to face with more than I needed to during this past weekend. Lots of emotion hidden behind a stream of thoughts and ideas. There was also a reckoning with a stream of thought whose goal seemed to be to slow me down, to sidetrack and thwart my plans to be productive. I ran a mental marathon, when all I intended to do was peacefully meander around the block. There in my friends, lies the fun of it!

So the new phase has begun, back to the pen. It’s the exciting part of it all for me. Now all I need is a little space in this crazy thing called life. Good luck, right?!?!

New Shelf Life…



Ok, so you just can’t sit around all day writing, listening to icicles fall off the roof and be productive right?  Exactly!

So off I went on an excursion. I used to call them perspective rides, but since I’ve been up to my ears in perspective for the last 2 days, I’ll just call it a driving till something really cool happens ride.



Making my way now down one winding picturesque road after another, I play ‘crossroads roulette’ and end up in Manchester, VT. I am so centered at this point in my weekend (thank you Eckhart Tolle) I have no needs, wants or desires. Incidentally driving takes on a whole new meaning when you couldn’t care less where you end up or when you do; can’t think of a thing I need in the world. (albiet, a little companionship, but lets face it, I’m in the middle of nowhere; I asked for it!)


Northshire BookstoreSo, as I make my way into this very quaint New Englandy town, I spot the Northshire Bookstore. I have passed by this countless times in the past. I pass through two rotaries, each within about 25 feet of the other and apparently that triggered the wheels to start turning on the inside too. I always carry my books, To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing with me, so I decided to go in and talk to the store’s book purchaser. Eric was a very nice gentleman. He stated, btw, that this is one of the best quality self-published books that he has seen. (Thank you, Carrie Ross).

Inside Northshire

Well to make a short story shorter, The Northshire Bookstore in Manchester VT, which is an absolutely awesome bookstore now carries To Dance in the Rain. How cool is that !

Life is Good!!


hey, while you are at it, check out my blog posts from the rest of this week…  : ))

It’s time….

IMG_1712This space between writing projects has been a bit uncomfortable for me. I have found myself looking forward with increasing anticipation to getting back into focused creating mode. I know I still have things to do to promote and continue to market and expound on the story of To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing. I’m no longer able to hold back on launching a new project with full focus; a new phase has begun.

As my loyal but inundated friends would only know, the stories have been oozing out here and there, mostly just musings on life as the mood hits, but seeping out none the less. Thanks for listening, and whoa do you guys have a lot of patience! At times it feels as though I am waiting on the platform for the train to arrive; I am pacing with a variety of thoughts spinning through my mind, a busy day ahead. As I visualize sitting once again and writing, a smile makes it’s way to my face, I feel a chill run through me, a passion reignited.

Ideas form on a regular basis; I know what direction I will be going in. My mind has been preparing for it, but it had just not been the time. I have tried to relax with this realization, holding myself back and refocusing my train of thought. At times I wade through what still needs to be done, all the while distracted by the excitement of what lies ahead.

I find encouragement in snippets of quotes and verse suggesting the importance of living in the present moment; I long for inspiration in this regard. The distraction quickly wears off though and my heart sits in anticipation of springing forward into writing mode.

DSCF1359A lot of the dilemma seems to come from the process of self-publishing…getting out there to speak, blog, work on getting into bookstores, sitting down, making lists, waiting, along with listening to my heart as excitement builds just under the surface. Then all of a sudden when the moments to wait have run out…it happens….and it’s time!

Friday March 14th Book Update…

What an exciting week this has been. To Dance in the Rain arrived at our doorstep just 8 days ago. I could never have anticipated just how this would all feel, even as I thought through the process of promoting the book well before it had made it back from the printer.

We have sold just over 100 books in less than 7 days and we haven’t even made our way into a book  store or as an ebook as of yet. Besides sending out orders, I have been busy making sure that everyone who was part of the our journey and mentioned in the book has received their book.

I have to say that my St. Mary’s family has been exceptionally encouraging to me as I added ‘author’ as my second career. My fellow co-workers seem to be just as excited as I am; they are the best!

I would like to thank Dr. George Lister for the amazing Foreword…Sue Ducharme, my editor… Karrie Ross, our book cover and interior designer…Dr. Kirk Sinclair for a wonderful job line editing and proofreading (check out –…my sister Mary, my business manager, who has taken on the formidable job of keeping me organized. A special thanks also to my family and friends for their relentless support as I focused, reclused, obsessed and expended a lot of mental energy to get this project done.

To my kids who had mentioned once or twice that I had actually abandoned them…. I’m back!   Until the next time….



To Dance in the Rain – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Hope and Healing is available, and may be purchased in the following ways:

Cost of the book is $10.95 plus tax (6.35% ct)

** Website – – has a PayPal shopping cart (which will include shipping)

** Email to order or for instructions : ceitinn13@yahoo.

** Snail mail us: Send check or money order to Ceitinn Press, P.O. Box 1321, Middlebury, CT 06762

** To Dance in the Rain will be available in Proclaim His Name Bookstore at 615 Highland Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708    Call – (203) 573-1773 for store hours

I will let you know when other locations to purchase become available.

There will be a book signing and release party at the Litchfield Community Center on April 30 at 7pm. Stay tunes for other signings and other special events being planned,.

Stay in touch through:  and To Dance in the Rain Facebook page (



Writing in Paradise

As some of you may know, I retreated to a beautiful cottage in the mountains of southwestern vermont, multiple times this past year, to write To Dance in the Rain. I share my hideaway with you…




The Journey Begins

snow-benchHave you ever kept something inside and mulled about it for a long time, then get the feeling that you just want to tell the first person you see? This is how writers feel at times.  Except that ‘the first person’ we see is the paper and pen or the keyboard, which we have become so familiar communicating with.

As I think back on the days when I first decided to write down Alicia’s story, there was that element of wanting to tell someone about all that had happened. However, it didn’t come out that easy. Every time I tried I would end up quite upset and in tears. It was all too raw. Many times I would mull about how I would lay out the story and even started to write down some thoughts and feelings. Yet, I successfully avoided it week after week, month after month, year after year.

It was around 2011, nine years after her horrific brain injury, that I noticed the feelings were not so raw. And so…the process began.